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Welcome to MinnesotaPosters.com!

Thu, Mar 22, 2012

It’s no secret that there are plenty of art resources on the web.  The big poster sites have massive databases of generic images that can be purchased just about anywhere.  They are run like most big businesses, with little in the way of personalized customer service and no knowledge about the images they sell.

That’s where MinnesotaPosters.com is different.

Not only are we personally involved in making sure your art buying experience is the best it can be, we are actively involved in restoring the images you purchase — which, by the way, are available nowhere else on the web.

We begin with tattered old travel images – often ripped, discolored and generally ruined by time – and carefully bring them back to life.  Each image is lovingly restored or recreated where necessary, color corrected and printed on museum quality paper using archival inks.

We own the originals, and in many cases can answer questions about the origins of the images we sell.

We’re grateful to all our customers for supporting our mission to preserve and illustrate Minnesota’s rich travel history. We look upon every patron as a friend.

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