Pleasure Excursions on Lake Minnetonka


The Steamship “City of Saint Louis” ferried people to all points of the lake


A fascinating advertisement for the steamer “City of St. Louis,” a ferry boat operating on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. This ship had a capacity of 1,000 and ferried people from Wayzata and Excelsior to all points of the lake. It was named the City of St. Louis for the same reason Bay St. Louis and the Hotel St. Louis were named after that city – the vast number of tourists who visited Lake Minnetonka from that part of the country. Text includes fare amount and charming text.

This fine art print measures 19.5×24″, and is reproduced on acid free paper using museum grade archival inks (not to be confused with inferior offset prints which fade and yellow over time).

A perfect gift for the Minnesota enthusiast in your life.


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